Updates to Service Pages Coming March 13

Updated login pages for Self-Service, Banner, and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will be released to the campus community on Tuesday, 3/13.

The updates to the service pages better align the page designs with the college's current online web presence. As part of the update, we have also committed to following the practice of accessible web design to insure that the web pages are usable by everyone.

Besides the design refresh, the pages were built using the college's content management system which will facilitate timely updates to the web pages by content providers. The content displayed on each page has also been updated.

More details about the update can be found on the ITS Blog.

Check out the updated services pages after 3/13:

More noticeable and extensive changes will be coming soon to the college's JasperNet Account self-help tool. The changes will include interface changes as well as workflow enhancements to streamline the user onboarding process.

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