Summer Conferences at Manhattan College

The summer 2017 conference & events season has commenced here at Manhattan College.  With groups from around the globe, youth and adults will converge onto our campus over the next ten weeks for their academic, cultural and explorential learning experiences.  Many will stay with us on campus housed in three of our five resident housing units.  They will dine in Locke's, Cafe 1853 and Kelly Commons and experience Manhattan College by using our classrooms, meeting, housing and dining spaces and most importantly our culture and hospitality.  

While we have a number of returning groups this summer; Inter-Studioviaggi from Milan, Italy bringing students from Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia for their classroom ESL program to Envision's Global Youth Leadership Program & NYLF - Digital Media Program together with VEGA - Young Lasallians Professional Conference, Operations Crossroads Africa, ASHITA Tomorrow from Japan and others from SUNY Purchase & Cobleskill.  Highlights of this summer will be through the return to Manhattan College of the Buttimer Institute mentioned in a separate announcement.  After some 27 years at St. Mary's College in Minnesota, this renowned Lasallian Institute returns to its roots at Manhattan College.  Following the Buttimer Institute will come the Johnston Institute which is another Lasallian program coming to our campus for the first time.  Buttimer's attendees will have arrived with their opening dinner on Sunday, June 25 and will be with us through July 8.  The Johnston Institute commences on July 10 and will be with us for one week.  We trust you will embrace our guests with the friendly and welcoming Manhattan College spirit throughout the summer.

Our summer conference season extends througth mid August at which time our group of conference assistants, some 30 of our own students and staff will help transition these spaces back in time for our own students return.  We thank you in advance for the support and collaboration so many of you provide to our Conference Service team as well as our guests.

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