Student Leaders Off to Rio de Janeiro

Five Manhattan College student leaders are heading off to UNILASALLE Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday, July 14, 2018 to participate in a two-week long International Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program.
  1. Rabea Ali, ’20, Management & Marketing
  2. Jaime Avila, ’19, Government and Communications
  3. August Kissell, ’19, International Studies
  4. Gabriella Montes, ’20, Exercise Science
  5. Reilly Love Rebhahn, ’19, Peace Studies and History
They will be accompanied by
  • Hayden Greene, Director of the Multicultural Center (week two)
  • Brother Ernest Miller, FSC, Vice President for Mission at La Salle University, PA (week one)
This year’s La Salle Summer 2018 Program brings together
  • thirty-four (34) students
  • from eighteen (18) Lasallian colleges and universities
  • in seven (7) countries: Brazil, Colombia, France, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, and the USA. 


The program provides students opportunities to explore systemic and social problems while receiving firsthand information about life, politics, culture, and religion from the perspectives of the countries represented. The program schedule engages the students in international and national country projects, international culture nights, fieldtrips, interactive presentations, and leadership building exercises as well as an exploration of the life and legacy of John Baptist de La Salle. 

Click here to see the listing of the 20 Manhattan College students that have participated in this International Leadership and Global Uniderstanding Program since 2013.
Click here to see the program contents, schedule and other relevant details.
Please allow me to give a "shout out" of gratitude to a number of faculty, staff, and administrators at Manhattan College whose generous assistance has made it possible for this year's student leaders to be taking this journey and engaging this international Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding adventure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ... 
  • Dr. Mehnaz Afridi
  • John Bennett
  • Thelma Collado
  • Anne Marie Colon
  • Denise Fox
  • Tiffany French
  • Dr. Thom Gencarelli
  • AJ Goodman
  • Hayden Greene
  • Kevin Gschwend
  • Lois Harr
  • Dr. Jordan Pasco
  • Dr. Rani Roy
  • Andrew Weingarten
Indeed, without their support I know that this exciting and promising learning opportunity would not be taking place. THANK YOU one and all (and I hope I haven't missed some folks)!
Indivisa Manent
Brother Jack Curran, FSC, PhD
Vice President for Mission
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