Student Engagement: Updates regarding Student Clubs and Organizations

We would like to inform you of a couple of updates related to student clubs and organizations that fall under Student Engagement.

  • We have made some changes to ease the process for student clubs that need to make requests for their events. Food and other requests can now be made via a new Google form. The link will be emailed to clubs on a regular basis so that you have it at your fingertips. With the form now in Google format, you can access on your laptop, computer or smart phone. Student clubs can also come to the Student Engagement office if you prefer to fill out the form in person. With changes to this process, Club Training in the Spring will serve as training to new elected members on the new process (date to be announced.)
  • Also, please be advised that the Spring Resource Browse is Tuesday, January 14th from 11am to 2pm on the 5th floor of Kelly Commons. This is a perfect opportunity to increase student membership or discuss your club's initiatives with other students. Save the date!

If you have any questions on the information listed on this announcement, please email


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