Student Engagement: Remarkable Data from 2020-2021 Student Government Elections

Student Engagement would like to thank all students who participated in the 2020-2021 Manhattan College Student Government Elections.

This year, 523 students participated in the elections process. We’re proud to share some of the data with you. 

According to the American Student Government Association, the collegiate national average of student election participation is 4%. Manhattan College surpassed this number with 24% of our students participating in the process. Keep in mind, that this number accounts for only freshmen, sophomores and juniors, since our seniors are excluded from voting. 

An overview of student votes by school:
School of Liberal Arts: 33.05%
The O’Malley School of Business: 24.06%
School of Engineering: 20.92%
School of Education and Health: 14.02%
School of Science: 7.95%

An overview of student votes by class:  
Class of 2021: 33.89%
Class of 2022: 38.91%
Class of 2023: 27.20%

Results of the election will be shared with the community soon.

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