Student Engagement: Important Dates on Student Government Elections

Students interested in running for Student Government are currently preparing and submitting digital applications and gathering digital petitions from other students in order to be considered for an elected Student Government position.

The next important dates for the student voting community as it relates to this year's Student Government Elections are April 15, April 20 and April 21. 

Wednesday, April 15 is this year's online debate. The debate will be live streamed and students will have a chance to get to know their candidates. The link for the live stream will be announced at the beginning of next week. Candidates will campaign through April 21st. 

Monday, April 20 - Tuesday, April 21 are the dates of this year's online ballot. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors of this current academic school year will be able to vote online. The link for the online ballot will be on the Monday, April 20 MC Announcement. 

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