Student Attendance in Class

To all Faculty,

For all classes that started last week, we ask that you monitor student attendance this week, using your class roster through Self Service. 

At the start of the third week (September 10th), please go to Self Service, log in with your Jaspernet ID/password, and click on Summary Class List.  Once there, please make any needed edits under the Attendance column and click on "Submit List" at the bottom.  Your online submission will send a notification to the Registrar’s office that your roster has been reviewed. 

Attendance Reporting options:

Currently Attending:   Student is currently attending class/session 

Never Attended:           Student never attended class/section

Stopped Attending:      Student attended but stopped attending. (In this situation, we will need you to indicate the last date the student attended class.)

This information is due by Monday September 17th. 

Your roster shows real-time updates.  Any changes to a student’s status will appear on your class list immediately.

Your feedback is important!  The information you provide helps to determine a student’s enrollment status and serves as verification that the student is attending the correct class/section. 

This process also ensures your grading roster at the end of the term will be correct and accurate.  

All of your students must be officially registered to attend your class/section.   Their names will appear on your self-service class list.  Please notify our office regarding any student who is attending class but not registered via email:  The student should be directed to the Registrar's office immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ext: 7912 or in person at Memorial Hall, Room 101.

Have a great semester! 

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