Registrar Earth Day Feedback

What have you been doing?

       Responses we have received so far:


I use reusable shopping bags when I do my food shopping
Using double-sided copying (and printing, if needed) so as to use less paper.
I bought an electric car and stopped eating meat. I wish Manhattan College had electric vehicle chargers!
Reusing Lockes paper cups until it no longer can be used to hold liquid.
Bringing a reusable bag everywhere I go
Make donations wherever is collecting (mug drive, clothes drive, food drive)
I have been recycling all bottles and cans
I turn off lights when I leave a room
I schedule as many errands as I can each car trip to minimize gas usage

I do not print anything that I can read on my computer
I changed the light bulbs at home to LED bulbs. I've attached rain barrels to my rain gutters and use that water for gardening - I grow herbs, vegetables and flowering plants...and I compost!
Formed the Jasper Environmental Coalition, promoted and participated in cleanups in the area, researched local environmental issues
I am spending more of my free time volunteering to help clean up the Earth through service projects.
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