Racial Justice, our Lasallian Heritage and the Catholic Tradition

At the January 2017 Lasallian Higher Education Colloquy on Racial Justice, a “Lasallian Mission Mandated Racial Justice Vision Statement” was drafted.  Among the 17 participants from seven (7) Lasallian Catholic colleges and universities were:

  • Vicki M. CowanAssistant Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX
  • Brother Jack Curran, FSC, Ph.D.Vice President for Mission
  • Natalia Imperatori-Lee, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Jordan Pascoe, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Center for Ethics Co-Director

Next week, at the January 2018 Colloquy, faculty and administrators will further explore the intersection of:

  • racial justice, diversity, inclusivity, and related concerns;
  • the wide Catholic intellectual and social teaching traditions;
  • and our shared Lasallian educational mission and heritage.


Among the 21 participants from 6 Lasallian Catholic colleges and universities are:

  • Maeve Adams, PhD, Assistant Professor in English
  • Mehnaz Afridi, PhD, Associate Professor Religious Studies & Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, Interfaith Education Center
  • Brother Jack Curran, FSC, PhD, Vice President for Mission
  • Adam Koehler, PhD, Associate Professor in English, Writing Program Director, and Center for Faculty Development Chair
  • Danielle M. Young, PhD, Assistant Professor in Psychology

Inspired by the Lasallian principle of together and by association, and cognizant of and grateful for our pluri-religious and interfaith realities, this January 2018 Colloquy seeks to provide space for educators to discuss racial justice from an array of disciplinary perspectives with a particular focus on our classrooms and the students entrusted to our care.


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