Puerto Rico: Water and Power

Still without access to clean water?    Yes, unfortunately!

Intermittent electrical power?    Yes, unfortunately!


These are the conditions of our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico that have motivated Manhattan College faculty, students, and staff to seek to "be a partner as part of the solution."


For the past few months a number of Manhattan College faculty, staff, and students have been partnering with faculty and student colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez so as to develop and implement a "water and power restoration project" at the Escuela Católica De La Salle, a Lasallian elementary and secondary school in Añasco, Puerto Rico. Those from Manhattan College include:

  • Dr. Jerry Maffia, chemical engineering
  • Dr. Christie Gonzalez-Toro, kinesiology
  • Samantha Rosado, chemical engineering
  • Giuseppe Costanza, chemical engineering
  • Andrew Nodolski (from Widener College)
  • Christine Loughran, marketing and communication
  • Pete McHugh, marketing and communication
  • Lois Harr, campus ministry and soical action
  • Nate Garcia, representing the "Do It For Puerto Rico" students


Friday, March 9th, is the travel day to begin an on-site visit in Puerto Rico. Dr. Maffia, Samantha, Giuseppe, and Andrew will meet with students and faculty at the Escuela Católica De La Salle to follow-up on the training and implementation of the water purification units that have already been shipped. They will also partner with colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez to assess future water and power restoration projects.


Bon voyage - and "thank you" one and all for being among the exemplars in fulfilling the Mission of Manhattan College ... how fortunate and blessed we are "to provide a contemporary, person-centered educational experience that prepares graduates for lives of personal development, professional success, civic engagement, and service to their fellow human beings."


With appreciation and admiration,

brother jack 

vice president for mission

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