Poster Session: Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar

EVST490/URB401/Peace401 Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar 

Poster Session of Student Projects on "Change."

April 30th from 3:00-5:00 in Kelly 2.03 (Social Action Suite)

Featured Projects

David Caiafa - Does adding more/Emotional learning improve student outcomes?

Zachary Holmes - Exercise and companionship a solution to adolescent mental health challenges.

Anna Doerr - Treating trauma in those who have been trafficked - after the rescue.

Scarlet Sanchez - Do Authoritarians "get things done" Trujillo and Robert Moses

Katherine Rojas - Finding Housing in New York City - perspectives from out-of-towners of various incomes vs those who were born here.

Nikka DeMesa - How can the Climate Museum spread a message about climate change that changes people's behavior

Gabriella Ramirez - Food disparities in the South Bronx neighborhood - how do people in food-poor neighborhoods find better food?

Hannah Rome - An evaluation of job training and workforce development programs for the formerly incarcerated.

Michael Risolo - How can mass transit be expanded to reduce driving and resulting pollution and carbon emissions?

Amy Hargrave - How can park improvement partnerships work better in not rich neighborhoods?

Kelsey Quartulli - Authoritarians and  Art and Architecture - Does accepting or resisting censorship lead to more or less peace?

Liana Hickey - How does social media exacerbate domestic abuse and how can it be reduced?

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