Paving of Manhattan College Parkway

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) recently began the process of repaving Manhattan College Parkway from Broadway to the Henry Hudson Parkway.  As you are aware, the first phase of the work resulted in unannounced closures of the Parkway that were disruptive to the College and the surrounding community.  There was no prior notice to the College or other facilities in the area that this work was going to happen.  As a result of contact from the College and neighboring organizations, the DOT is meeting with the College and some of our neighbors this week to better coordinate the next phase of the work (the actual repaving).  As of now, the repaving work is targeted for the week of July 2, 2017, but that may change as a result of the planning meeting.  
Additional information and/or changes to the schedule will be made available as they become available from the DOT. We may experience intermittent closures of the Parkway as well as traffic backups when the work does happen.  For external groups coming to or leaving the campus by bus, alternate pickup/dropoff locations should be planned in advance.  Other guests coming to campus may need to be made aware of alternate parking locations. Access to the garage will be available through the Broadway entrance, as needed.
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