Online Tutoring

Starting this week, students will now be able to make online tutoring appointments for select courses with select tutors. A complete list of courses and tutors are listed below. 
To make an online appointment the student should go to the desired schedule, select a day and time with the tutor and course of their choice, and click yes to meet online
To facilitate an online session students MUST have a computer with reliable internet connection and a built-in or external microphone and speaker. Access to a webcam is highly recommended. 
A few minutes before their online appointment time they must log-on to the system and click on their appointment in blue to enter the online session. 
This feature is NOT available for SAASS, Opportunity Programs tutoring or Writing Fellows. 
Online Tutoring Available Tutors & Courses - Fall 2018
Learning Center
Jake Salles - (Biology major)
BIOL 103,BIO 111,BIOL 113,BIOL 115,CHEM 101,CHEM 103,MATH 155,MATH 100,SCI 100,BIOL 103,BIOL 112,BIOL 114,CHEM 102,CHEM 104,MATH 156,BIOL 217,BIOL 218,BIOL 220,BIOL 223,CHEM 319,CHEM 323,BIOL 231,BIOL 232,CHEM 320,CHEM 324,SCI 105,RELS 207,RELS 341  
Daisuke Kuroshima - (Biochemistry major)
CMPT 101,MATH 100,MATH 185,PHYS 101,CMPT 102,MATH 185,MATH 188,CHEM 101,CHEM 103,CHEM 102,CHEM 104,CHEM 319,CHEM 323,CMPT 238,MATH 285,MATH 287,SCI 100,CHEM 320,CMPT 360,SCI 105,CHEM 309,CHEM 310,CHEM 436,CHEM 437,JAPN 310,CHEM 410,CHEM 456,CMPT 341,CHEM 456,CHEM 302  
Writing Center
Silvana Acierno - Writing Consultant 
Leo Learning Center
Mikel Gritsko - (Mech Engineering major)
ENGS 115,ENGS 116,ENGS 206,MECH 211,ENGS 201 MECH,ENGS 202,ENGS 205,ENGS 220,MECH 230,MECH 231,MECH 312,MATH 331,MECH 302,MECH 318,MECH 411,MECH 319,MECH 332
JohnPaul Garcia - (Civil Engineering major)
ENGS 115,MATH 185,MATH 186,MGMT 201,CIVL 202,ENGS 206 CIVIL,MATH 285,CIVL 201,CIVL 306,ENGS 230,MATH 286,CEEN 303,CEEN 304,CEEN 305,CEEN 308,CIVL 302,CIVL 305,CIVL 309,CIVL 412  
Daniel Rosini - (Electrical Engineering major)
MATH 185,MATH 186,PHYS 101,PHYS 102,PHYS 191,EECE 201,EECE 229,ENGL 287,MATH 285,EECE 232,MATH 286
Peter Gilmartin - (Physics major)
PHYS 101,PHYS 102,PHYS 192,PHYS 223,PHYS 250,PHYS 253,PHYS 351,PHYS 312
Nicole Kaiser - (Civil Engineering major)
MATH 185,CIVL 201,ENGS 204,ENGS 206 CIVIL,CIVL 306,ENGS 230,SCI 301,CEEN 303,CEEN 304,CEEN 305,CIVL 302,CIVL 305,CEEN 307,CIVL 309,CIVL 310,CIVL 311
Charlie Restivo - (Electrical Engineering major)
MATH 100,ENGS 115,MATH 185,ENGS 116,MATH 186,EECE 201,ENGL 287,MATH 285,EECE 203,EECE 232,MATH 286,PHYS 192
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