One Year in Mission: HATS Hagaz Agro-Technical School, Hagaz Anseba, Eritrea

The Hagaz Agro Technical School (HATS) has been constructed
in response to a government request to the De La Salle Brothers to
bring education to areas with increasing jihadist activities. HATS
was conceived to bring together students from a variety of cultural
and religious groups within Eritrea. Shaping students by having
them work together alongside diverse cultures, the school is not only
focused on providing quality education and facilitating opportunities
for employment, but also promoting peace between diverse cultural
groups. From its conception, the school was designed to have an equal
number of boys and girls. All 200 students live on campus where they
study agriculture, animal husbandry, and food processing. The HATS
farm produces cheese, yogurt, wine and vegetables which help provide
food for students. Products are also sold in markets throughout the
country ensuring sustainability. The income earned provides the school
with the resources it needs to maintain free tuition for its students.
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