Nominate a Colleague

The College is seeking nominations of faculty, staff and administrators for the annual Distinguished Lasallian Award. 

Click here for the Nomination Form

Your nominations of faculty, staff, and administrators are welcome before the deadline (10:00pm on Sunday, September 9, 2018).  You are invited to nominate a colleague who exemplifies with distinction the Lasallian Hallmarks that inspire the Mission of Manhattan College as a person who: 

  • is committed to quality and excellence in the fulfillment of their responsibilities
  • shows respect for the dignity of others
  • puts his/her faith into action
  • is a trustworthy colleague who demonstrates that integrity matters
  • seeks to make right things that are harmful to others

Click here for the Nomination Form

Those who have already previously the Distinguished Lasallian Award can be found at this webpage

If you have questions, suggestions, or recommendations, please contact the Office of Mission:


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