New: Alternative Representation of Final Grades

In response to the major disruption and anxiety caused by COVID-19 in the functions of Manhattan College to meet the educational needs of the student body, as well as in the lives of our students, the following immediate changes to current policies are approved. These changes will be time-limited so that the current policy will be restored once disruptions caused by COVID-19 are behind us. These temporarily changed policies would be applicable to all students taking credit-bearing courses, undergraduate or graduate.

 Alternative Representation of Grades - Tentative Start Date: May 5th

Students will be allowed to have their transcripts show an alternative grading format as detailed in the following list.

1. Students can request that their normal letter grades (A through F) for any or all of their courses be converted into HP/LP/NP representation, with HP for Pass (grade of C or better), LP (grades below a C but not F) and NP if the student opts to not count the course toward their degree requirements. Students will be allowed to convert back (one time only) to normal letter grades for any or all of their courses if they later decide that is the better option for them. Students are advised to consult the catalog for requirements for their majors and to confer with their advisors to decide what is the better option. Students should also consider the impact of their decisions on their eligibility for honor societies.

2. Students will have from the time that their final grade is posted for a course until 5:00 PM, Monday, June 1, 2020, to use a form that will be created in Self Service to request that normal letter grades be represented in HP/LP/NP format. Students graduating in May of 2020 will have until May 15, 2020, at 5:00 PM to make their requests. Any student who receives an incomplete (I) grade for a course has until 15 days after receiving the final grade to make their request, which will not be later than July 15. Students can use the form to request the HP/LP/NP grades be converted back to normal letter grades thereafter up until those students graduate. Once a student’s transcript is finalized, it cannot be changed.

3. Faculty will assign letter grades as usual; this alternative representation is not intended to change the grading process.

4. Upon receipt of the student request for change of representation of one or more grades earned in the Spring 2020 semester, the Registrar's office will convert grades as follows:

5. A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, and C grades will be converted to HP grades

6. C-, D+, and D to grades will be converted to LP grades

7. F will be converted to NP. NP grades will indicate that No Pass is applied to the student’s program from the course.

8. The HP, LP, and NP grade designations will not be used to calculate the student’s term or cumulative GPA. This may create some issues with those students needing to earn term or cumulative GPAs of 2.00 or better. Those students should include those issues among those they consider in deciding whether to withdraw and what grade representation system is better for them.

9. The LP designation records, and communicates to undergraduate advisors and graduate program directors, that the condition of a C or better has not been met. In certain programs and courses, progress in the undergraduate major or graduate program requires C or better grades. The LP or NP grades do not satisfy program requirements in some majors.

10. The Registrar’s office will maintain records of original, normal letter grades earned, regardless of which grade representation the student chooses for each course. These grades will be kept on file and can be reported at a student’s request. 

NOTE: This policy change is only intended for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 terms.

It may be extended to subsequent terms at the recommendation of the Educational Affairs Committee if Manhattan College remains in the online-only teaching mode.

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Thank you and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


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