MOM Conference

Rewriting Trauma & Visibility: Motherwork, Pregnancy, and Birth

APRIL 5-6 2019-Alumni Room (O'Malley Library)-8:30 AM-6PM

This conference focuses on uncovering, naming, and rewriting traumas of motherwork, pregnancy, and birth. We especially aim to make visible those topics related to (dis)abilities and other marginalized positionalities, relying on Patricia Hill Collins’ conceptualization of motherwork as mothering that is designed for the survival and success of the next generation within the context of oppression. We recognize traumas in multiple forms, originating before, during and after pregnancy and birth and throughout motherhood, framed by the intersectional identities of those traumatized. We encourage presenters to unpack the sociocultured domain and the medicalized environment within which traumas often occur, embracing and analyzing meaning-making in the area of maternal health and well-being.

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