Mission Month Day of Advocacy

Join us Wednesday, April 29th for Mission Month Day of Advocacy!

During Mission Month in April, Campus Ministry & Social Action usually hosts an annual college-wide Day of Service. With the transition of all campus activities and classes to an online platform, the Lasallian Outreach Collaborative & Mission Month Day of Service Planning Committee have decided to hold the Mission Month Day of ADVOCACY on Wednesday, April 29th. In place of assisting community partner organizations with different volunteer service projects, we invite you to show our Lasallian mission in action by advocating for vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19.

This will be an online campaign through the Ignatian Solidarity Network. The goal of this event is to encourage our Manhattan College community to advocate for another relief package that includes measures to protect our most vulnerable communities.

To participate, students, faculty and staff are asked to join us on April 29th in asking Congress to pass a new relief package which will protect those most in need. The bill should include measures to improve the economic security of the most vulnerable and address the unique health risks posed to people in our prisons, migrants, low-income communities and communities of color which already bear the burden of poor environmental and health conditions. Contact Kathleen at kathleen.voneuw@manhattan.edu for more information.

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