Mission Month 2020 Begins

April 2020 marks the seventh time that Manhattan College has commemorated Mission Month.


With the pandemic and our sudden shift to "working from home" ... many plans, programs, and activities have been postponed, some have been cancelled, and still others continue on in albeit new and different ways.


So, what about Mission Month?  Do we postpone, cancel, or contiune on? 


It is clear that the answer is that we are continuing to fulfill the Mission of the College in new and creative ways, and therefore, Mission Month 2020 continues!


The theory underlying Mission Month is that because of the significance of the Lasallian values that inspire who we are and what we do in fulfilling the College's Mission each and every day during "normal times", we would do well to "call it out" so as to honor and never take for granted our Lasallian core values.


Without a doubt, with the unfortunate reality of the pandemic that has abruptly decended upon us, this April 2020 we are witnessing the incredible resilience and extraordinatry support of one for another, especially directed to the students entrusted to our care.  For sure, the core Lasallian values that define our Manhattan College community are taking on new and deeper meaning this April 2020:


  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Respect for Human Dignity
  • Reflection on Faith and its Relation to Reason
  • An Emphasis on Ethical Conduct
  • Commitment to Social Justice.


May I invite you to take twelve minutes of your time to reflectively experience the re-telling of the foundational Lasallian story in this video: "Who is Saint John Baptist de La Salle"?


"God wants you to ask him frequently, fervently, and insistently for the protection and support of your students. In this way and thanks to your care, nothing that your students need for their well-being will be lacking to them."

Saint John Baptist De La Salle, Patron Saint of Educators (Meditation 37.3)


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