Mission Month 2019: How to be included!

How to Have your April 2019 Event Featured in Mission Month

How can your event be highlighted in the Mission Month calendar?

 By selecting “Mission Month” as an “Additional Organization” in 25Live allows your event to show up on the Mission Month Calendar, selecting a hallmark item allows us to best promote your event.

 There are two options to do this:

 Option One:

Tag your event in 25Live by following these steps:

  1. Log onto 25Live
  2. Click on “Create Event” (or, if you already created your event, then in the event click “Edit”)
  3. After you enter
    • “Event Name”
    • “Event Type”
    • “Primary Organization”
    • In the field “Additional Organizations” type in “Mission Month” and select “Mission Month”
  4. Then add another organization by selecting one or more of the following Lasallian Hallmarks with which your event is aligned:
    • Mission Month: Ethical Conduct
    • Mission Month: Excellence in Teaching
    • Mission Month: Faith and Reason
    • Mission Month: Human Dignity
    • Mission Month: Social Justice
  5. Save all changes
 Option Two:

Send an email to Ellen Tobey, Executive Assistant, Mission Office (etobey01@manhattan.edu) and so that she can assist you in “tagging” your event by letting her know:

  • Event Name
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Sponsoring Department / Organization
  • The Lasallian Hallmarks with which your event is aligned (one or more than one)
    • Excellence in teaching 
    • Respect for human dignity
    • Reflection on faith and its relation to reason
    • An emphasis on ethical conduct
    • Commitment to social justice

 For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Ellen Tobey, Executive Assistant, Office of Mission


phone extension: 7734

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