Mid-Term Grading Information and Deadline

To faculty, administrators, and staff,

Online midterm grading will open on self-service Friday, February 23rd and all grades are due by Tuesday, March 6th.

 All midterm grades are to be reported to indicate student standing in courses up to that time and to assist faculty and advisors in providing students the necessary guidance they might require.

How to enter Mid-term grades:

  1. Sign in to self-service using your JasperNet ID and password.
  2. Under Faculty Services, click on the “Mid Term Grades” box.
  3. Select “Spring 2018”  from the drop-down box and press "submit".
  4. Select your class(es) from the drop-down box and press "submit".
  5. Once all grades are entered on your roster - press "submit" at the bottom of the page  

You will have the option to make a grade change on self-service after you submit your grades. (Only applicable for mid-term.)  


You may make referrals for students who may be struggling academically through the MapWorks link on self-service.  
The referral is received by the Retention Services Coordinator who will direct it to the appropriate person for follow-up.
If you have any questions feel free to contact the Registrar's office at 718-862-7912.
Thank you in advance for the prompt submission of your mid-term grades.

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