Manhattan College Together in Minneapolis!

Manhattan College visits Minneapolis this week... 

First, attending the UMAEL Congress from MC are:

  • Lou Calvelli, Director of Alumni Relations, and 
  • Brother Jack Curran, Vice President for Mission.

Alumni of Lasallian ministries worldwide are invited to the 7th Congress of the World Union of Lasallian Former Students (UMAEL) gathering, themed “Beyond the Borders: One Heart. One Commitment. One Life.” This international congress is being held in the United States for the first time November 21-23, 2019, and marks the 25th anniversary of UMAEL. Keynote Speakers include Brother William Mann, MC Board of Trustee. Click here for more information

In addition, attending and presenting at the nearby 46th Annual Huether Conference are:

  • Pamela Jimenez, Director of the Camino Program, and 
  • Rosemary Osso, Assistant Dean of SCPS. 

The Huether Lasallian Conference is a gathering of Lasallian educators in the Region. Pamela and Rosemary are presenting a session titled “The Camino Program- Inspiring Students to Succeed”. In 2017, Manhattan College launched the Camino Program, a program filling the gap for English as a New Language (ENL) students in New York City to become bilingual professionals.

As described by Pamela and Rosemary "Our program is uniquely designed with a vision that integrates English language instruction in the first two semesters of college-level courses while supporting the student’s native language. Students engage in experiential learning through career and leadership education as well as a Lasallian-infused curriculum. Our professors and administrators work collaboratively to support and creatively serve the students. The goal of the program is to create a pathway for the students to gain access to careers in education, science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, while at the same time, inspiring students to seek a vocation that brings meaning to their life. Encouraging them to overcome their vulnerability through education is one of the ways we teach our students. In this session, participants will learn how the Camino Program allows us to inspire, empower, instill respect and preserve human dignity. We teach our students to recognize their strength and grow amid their everyday vulnerability. The program provides the opportunity and access to quality education and empowers the students with skills that will enable them to be active and equal participants for a more compassionate and just world."

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