Jesus-Refugees-Modern Culture

Everyday Life in Bethlehem (the Holy Land) comes to New York (the Bronx) through an art and photography exhibition!


Building on our faculty January 2017 visit to Bethlehem University, and the summer 2017 student-faculty research projects with Bethlehem University, a number of College departments are sponsoring the on-campus viewing of the exhibition Bethlehem Beyond the Wall.  

  • February 19-27, 2018
  • Kelly Commons 5A
  • Monday – Saturday: 10am-7pm

This traveling exhibition of the Museum of the Palestinian People is entitled "Bethlehem Beyond the Wall."  It offers visitors a rare glimpse of Bethlehem from the perspective of the city’s residents.


Everyone recognizes Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus, few know that the city has a rich modern culture. Throughout history, Bethlehem has been a site of tragedy, struggle and survival. Today the area including Bethlehem and its surrounding villages is home to 100,000 people, the site of three refugee camps, and four generations of refugees. Bethlehem Beyond the seeks to show the city through the eyes of people who've lived there for centuries. The exhibition includes roughly 100 photographic images organized into discrete sections, 7 paintings (acrylic on canvas), 4 video interviews, and a series of maps to help viewers locate Bethlehem inside shifting political boundaries.


  • Monday, Feb. 19 Opening Reception 5:30pm-7:00pm, Kelly Commons 5A (exhibition space)


  • Tuesday, Feb. 20 Manhattan College Faculty Panel 5:30pm, Kelly Commons 5B


  • Tuesday, Feb. 27 Across the Divide Film screening, sponosred by the Muslim Student Association @ 5:00pm, Kelly Commons 5B. This is a documentary produced by Salt & Light Media Foundation, Toronto, Canada. It depicts the societal role and impact the faculty and students of one of our Lasallian Catholic universities, Bethlehem University, located in Palestine. 
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