January Activism Excursion

Join CMSA for off campus events that focus on different social justice issues! Sign up to attend in the Social Action Suite (Kelly 203). Metro Cards will be provided. Contact jmartin02@manhattan.edu for more information. Join us for this upcoming event: 


Anti-Semitism in America
Tuesday, January 29th
Meet @ Social Action Suite at 5:30pm and return to campus @ 10pm

White supremacy. Racism. Anti-Semitism. Are the Jewish people a special case? How is anti-Semitism connected to other hatreds in 2019 America, and how is it different? Join a moderated conversation with Derek Black, who relinquished his white supremacy upbringing as told in Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist; Dove Kent, expert in racial justice and anti-Semitism and former executive director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; and Eric Ward, longtime civil rights strategist who, after years spent advancing racial justice and minority rights at the Ford Foundation, now serves as executive director of the Western States Center.

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