IOS Update 1.1.2 Available for Glance MC

It had come to our attention that the IOS version of the Glance MC app was crashing at startup for users who updated the app from a previous version to Version 1.1.1, introduced to the IOS App store on 7/17/2017.

The issue was caused by a mismatch in database models used by the new Favorites - the ability to save one's favorites presented via the "At a Glance" Search of Quick Links and Employees.

A newly-available app update (Version 1.1.2) resolves this issue.  Also included in the update is analytics which will provide insight on app performance to help us better identify and fix issues such as this going forward.

Upon upgrade, some users will notice that their Favorites have disappeared. To minimize issues, we have reset / cleared user Favorites settings in the remote database.

We realize that the Tutorial is currently a bit lengthy, and at present there isn't the capability to exit the Tutorial.  Users are encouraged to Skip the Tutorial when given the option upon loading a new version of the app, if so desired. We are working to condense the tutorial.

We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage IOS users to upgrade the app and, with the start of the new school year to re-select your Favorites.

All the best for a great 2017-18!

The Student-Developer App Team and ITS Web and Collaboration

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