Introducing: Virtual Events Calendar

We are preparing to introduce a new Virtual Events Calendar. This will replace the existing Public Events Calendar on the Manhattan College website. As we prepare to make the change which will go live on Friday, April 3, we ask that organizers of all events in 25Live make the following changes (whether your event is new or existing):

A. Cancel their existing event in what is now the public events calendar if it is no longer happening. 

B. Tag / Retag Events when scheduling an event in 25Live:

  • Select location: Virtual Event
  • Select other options as you did prior, including Organization and Event Type, etc.
  • In the Event Description, include information re: the Virtual Event
  • Keep the event description concise yet accurate and comprehensive, and include video URLs, as appropriate
  • When entering the video URL, you must enter the full URL vs. the abbreviated version, e.g., vs just 25Live currently does not link abbreviated URLs properly. 
  • Select one or more categories, including ADVERTISE - Virtual Events Calendar 
  • The event will then go through the approval process. 

For cancelled events that are now virtual: 

At this point nearly everyone who had April reservations in the Student Commons, Smith Auditorium and outdoor locations have cancelled their events but if these events are now virtual, you can access your reservation and tag them as a Virtual Event if you decide to move forward with that option.

Mission Month

If your virtual event is happening in the month of April, we encourage you to select "Mission Month" as an additional organization, and tag one or more of the five Lasallian hallmarks you feel your event is an expression of: ethical conduct, excellence in teaching, faith and reason, human dignity, and social justice. This will support the continued celebration of Mission Month and help promote your virtual event.

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