TO:       Full-Time Employees                             

FROM:  Barbara Fabé - VP for Human Resources

DATE:   May 2, 2018                                          

RE:       2018 Medical, Dental, and Vision Open Enrollment


For two years the College has not received a premium increase from Christian Brothers Services.   This year due to very high claim experience, and a larger than usual number of claims ranging from $200,000 to over $800,000, Christian Brothers is increasing our premiums. With the assistance of our benefit’s consultants, we went to 5 different medical carriers.  We received only two proposals as three carriers declined to bid due to our high experience.   The two proposals were significantly higher ranging between 46% and 63% rate increase above Christian Brothers Services.   One of the advantages of being part of Christian Brothers Services is that our claims experience is pooled together with other Colleges and High Schools.   This pooling, benefits the College when we are negotiating our renewal with Christian Brothers Services.

We have always offered a comprehensive benefits package across the College, and we will continue to do so in the form of the PPO Choices and a High Deductible Health Plan.   The search for benefits that support your needs and staying competitive is always our priority.  The good news is that through negotiations we were able to reduce our initial estimated 8% increase to 6%. This rate change will go into effect June 1st (see attached).


During Open Enrollment, it is a good idea to evaluate whether or not you need the College medical plan and/or can you be covered by another insurance plan either through a spouse and/or a parent (parent, because you are under the age of 26).  If you waive out of the medical plan, you are eligible to receive:

  • $600 (Married/Single – Employee not covering Dependent(s)) or
  • $750 (Single - Employee Only) or
  • $1,500 (Married/Single – Employee + Dependent(s) not enrolling)


The College will continue to offer Delta Dental free of charge to you and your eligible family members.   The dental plan includes Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which also provides access to out-of-network dentists.  While an out-of-network benefit is available, the greatest out-of-pocket savings will result if dentists in either the DMO or the PPO/Plus Premier networks are used.

Participants may switch between the DMO and PPO options on a monthly basis.  You may switch back and forth between the DMO and the PPO by calling Delta Dental customer service 866-225-1112 by the 15th of any month.  The change will become effective the first of the following month following your call. 


The College will continue to offer Davis Vision free of charge to you and your eligible family members.   Davis Vision offers both in-network and out of network benefits, however it is the best value for you to visit an in-network provider. 

Open enrollment for Medical, Dental, and Vision will begin today, May 2nd through Thursday, May 31st.    Enrollment changes will become effective June 1, 2018.   This is your annual opportunity to change plans, and add or drop eligible dependents from coverage.  The only other opportunity you have to make changes is when you experience a qualifying event.

Open Enrollment Instructions:

  • NO action is required for continuing existing medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Any changes in your current medical, dental, and/or vision insurance, you will be required to complete the appropriate carrier forms and return no later than Thursday, May 31st.
  • Proof of dependent eligibility is required if you are adding a significant other or dependent child to your health insurance. Acceptable documentation:  Marriage License, Birth Certificate, Adoption Agreement, Legal Guardianship papers.   Copies of the required documentation must be presented with your enrollment/change form.

Changes requiring a new Benefit Election Form include:

  • Changing to a different health plan (Plan A, Plan B or High Deductible Health Plan)
  • Enrolling in either the health plan, dental, and/or vision plan for the first time
  • Adding or deleting dependents
  • Waiving medical coverage

NOTE:  Forms and summaries for Medical, Dental and/or Vision are available by contacting Eileen Armstrong.


During Open Enrolment it is a good idea, every year, to check your personal information, to make sure that your dependents and beneficiaries are listed correctly.  For example, your levels of benefit coverage align properly i.e., if your child has passed age 26, you no longer need to pay for “employee +1” or “family” level benefits.  You might take this opportunity to verify your home address, and other personal information. 

During this open enrollment, we are requesting all employees to complete the attached Emergency Contact Form and return to the Human Resources Department no later than Thursday, May 31st.

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Armstrong, Director for Benefits and Compensation at extension 7393 or email your question(s) to

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