What is the relationship between Catholic identity, mission, and internationalization in Catholic universities around the globe?


It is well known that Catholic universities, such as Manhattan College, have unique missions that, among other key aspects, include the engagement of faith and reason in serving the common good and promoting "professional success" of graduates to include "civic engagement and service to their fellow human beings."


Hans de Wit, Andrés Bernasconi, Visnja Car, Fiona Hunter, Michael James
and Daniela Véliz in their soon to be published (27 September 2018) "Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities: Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context" provide empirical knowledge to help develop practical and effective policies on central themes such as internationalization while paying special attention to each university’s specific context.


One of the 16 chapters in this book is entitled "Identity meets Internationalization: The Case of the International Association of La Salle Universities" by. Dr. Carlos Coelho, Executive Director.


Another chapter is "Universidad La Salle Mexico City: Polyphony of Values between Christian Identity and the Educational Market Demands" by Felipe Gaytan Alcala. 

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