Glance MC App Version 1.3 Now Available for both Android and IOS

Android users (students and employees) take note:  an updated version of the student-developed Glance MC mobile app, with feature parity to the IOS version, is now available.

The Glance MC app Version 1.3 is available on Google Play and in the App Store.  The Android version is an major update from Version 1.2.  The IOS version is a minor update to Version 1.3 released a week ago and addresses some bugs that caused the app to crash fo some users.

Features available from the home screen now include:

  • In-app JasperCard, which can be used for payment at campus dining venues; access to certain locations on campus which use the plastic card; and event sign-in. Displays your JasperCard balances, too.
  • Course Schedule
  • To-do List (your own list of things to do)
  • At-a-Glance Search of College QuickLinks and the Employee Directory
  • Favorites:  Pin items from the College Quicklinks and Employee Directory for easy access
  • General Menu, which opens up additional features of the app:
    • Feeds:  Announcements, News, Featured Events, Twitter, Campus Alerts, ITS News and Outages; Calendars; Quadrangle; and Featured Links (Currently: Connecting to Wireless Displays, Locate and Open Computer, Report a Wifi Issue in Dorm)

A Geo-Locator Map is integrated with events and the Employee Directory (part of At-a-Glance Search) to help one locate events or employees on campus.  Push notifications have been enabled as well.

We especially encourage Android uses to download this feature-rich version of the app.

Please see our YouTube video for a general introduction to the app.

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