Flyers in the Commons

Dear Manhattan College Community - 

We are happy to announce that after much student, faculty, and administrative feedback, bulletin boards have been purchased and will be going up in the Raymond W. Kelly '63 Student Commons as official places to post flyers moving forward.

Please note, in order to make this transition occur, all flyers currently posted in the Commons, including approved flyers, will be removed by this coming Wednesday. If you are responsible for a flyer and/or poster and would like to keep it, please take it down prior to Wednesday. All flyers removed on Wednesday will be discarded. 

Bulletin boards and strips will then be mounted throughout the first two floor of the Commons, and by Friday, we envision they will be ready to be used and posted on. We will then send out another campus-wide message at that time to confirm. Flyers will then be allowed to be posted on the bulletin boards provided, and not on painted, glass, or brick surfaces moving forward. 

This update is only in regards to the Kelly Commons.

We thank you in advance for both your assistance and attention to this. 

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