Beginning today and continuing on Sunday, March 11th through March 18th, they’re off to explore academic collaborations with our Lasallian higher education colleagues at Universidad De La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia.


Who is going to explore academic collaborative opportunities with faculty at De La Salle University, Bogotá – Colombia?


  1. Dr. Poonam Arora, management and marketing
  2. Dr. Natalia Boliari, economics and finance
  3. Dr. Shawna BuShell, education
  4. Dr. Mohab El-Hakim, civil and environmental engineering
  5. Dr. James Freeman, sociology
  6. Dr. Jimena González, economics and finance
  7. Dr. Sandra López, mechanical engineering
  8. Dr. Mary Michel, accounting, CIS, and law
  9. Dr. Bryan Wilkins, chemistry and biochemistry

 They will meet with a number of Lasallian faculty colleagues at Universidad De La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia including:

  1. Dra. Nancy Consuelo Cañon, School of Administrative and Accounting Sciences La Salle University
  2. Dr. Hernando Estevez Cuervo, Philosophy School La Salle University
  3. Dr. Carlos Alberto Hernández, Habitat Sciences School La Salle University
  4. Dra.  Adriana Patricia Lopez, Economic and Social Sciences School La Salle University
  5. Ing. Anibal Cesar Maury, Engineering School La Salle University
  6. Dr. Guillermo Londoño Orozco, School of Education Sciences La Salle University
  7. Giovanni Anzola Pardo, Director of International Affairs
  8. Dr. Alex Leandro Pérez, Habitat Sciences School La Salle University
  9. Nathalia Ossa Villa, Advisor for Strategic Alliances
  10. Dra. Isabel Cristina Zapata, Basic Sciences Department La Salle University

This opportunity is offered by the Faculty Development Committee with support from the Office of Faculty and Student Development, Office of Study Abroad, Office of Mission, and the Catholic Relief Services Task Force. Please note the alignment with the College's Strategic Plan implementing mechanism 1.1.2

  • Enhance support for interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship, and
    service, especially, but not exclusively, aligned with the Lasallian
    and Catholic national and international networks, and integrated
    with academic, curricular and co-curricular programs.

 A goal of this initiative is to use the exploratory trip to begin working on disciplinary or interdisciplinary projects that serve faculty research and/or teaching, including opportunities for StudyAbroad and future L.O.V.E. opportunities. 

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