Earth Day 2019 (Registrar Lasallian Project

The Registrar’s Office has decided to promote Earth Day 2019 (which fell on Monday, April 22nd this year) as our Spring Lasallian service project.  To that end, we invite you to give us feedback on what YOU are doing to protect our planet’s environment.  We will share your input with the Manhattan College community to increase awareness of our community’s “green” efforts.  All of these actions show respect for our Earth and the people who live on it as well as our concern for social justice and our collective future.

Here is a small sample of what Registrar staff are doing:

  •  Recycle cans and bottles
  • Use reusable water bottles or mugs instead of disposable plastic bottles
  • Turn off lights when we leave a room for an extended period
  • Plan personal errands in advance to avoid multiple car trips, saving both time and money while helping reduce car pollution
  • Replace light bulbs at home with LED light bulbs to save both energy and money
  • Turn off printers, scanners and computers when not in use
  • Do not print most emails “think before you print”
  • Adjust computer settings to go into “sleep mode” after 10 minutes of no activity

 So now, what are YOU doing to celebrate Earth Day 2019??

 Click on this link to share your Earth Day actions and we will display your (anonymous) feedback daily for the rest of this month:

Earth Day feedback

An environmentally friendly prize will be awarded to one person who submits feedback through a random drawing process on May 1st.

 Happy Earth Day 2019!

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