Don't have a directory photo?

For any Manhattan College faculty or staff member WITHOUT a directory photo, starting in January 2020, your ID card photo will automatically display in our online directory.

If you currently have a directory photo displayed here, there will be no change. This only applies to faculty/staff members without a photo.

If you do not wish for your ID photo to be displayed here, there are two ways for you to obtain a photo.

1- You can have your photo taken in the ID office. 

The ID Card Office is located in Thomas Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 202. 

Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm. 

Please note: During winter intersession, the ID Office Hours/Services are by appointment only.  Please make an appointment in advance by emailing or calling 718-862-8326.


2- You may submit a photo of your own by emailing or uploading your photo on the Glance MC App (search for Upload ID Card Photo)

Portraits of faculty and staff on the Manhattan College website directory MUST meet the following professional standards:

  • Small sized photos cannot be used. Image size needs to be at least 800 pixels.  

  • Shows the face, head and shoulders only.

  • Your eyes should be looking at the camera.

  • You must be the only person in the photo. Photos where another person has been cropped out are not acceptable. 

  • Image needs to be in color, in focus and in good lighting. Blurry or dark images are not acceptable.

  • Image should be professional looking. Please avoid using "selfies" or images from events that are unrelated to your discipline. 

Visit the ID Office or contact Charles Lippolis by phone or email for questions or concerns about your ID card and/or directory photo. 

Thank you.

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