DLS / Memorial Facade Repair project - construction schedule for June 12-16

The facade repair work has begun. We are currently working on the rear side of De La Salle Hall facing Jasper Hall.

Based on the current schedule for the week of June 12-16, the following areas will be affected:

  • The North & West facades of De La Salle, starting from the pedestrian ramp adjacent to Chrysostom Hall, extending to the Public Safety entrance, will be closed. 
    • Due to the nature of the work, the first three parking spaces adjacent to the entrance of Public Safety will be blocked off. To enter Jasper Hall of ITS Office, please use the Jasper parking lot, walk north to the end of the building then turn right and take the path at the rear of Chrysostom hall to either entrance. The contractor will have a flag person posted at the pedestrian walkway in case the need arises to temporarily close down the walkway because of overhead work.
  • East facade of De La Salle Hall - the North and central entrances of De La Salle Quadrangle side will be closed temporarily because of scaffolding installation on Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13.
    • To enter De La Salle Hall, use the south entrance door (Quad side closest to the De La Salle archway, or the entrance door on the first level at the rear of the faculty parking lot next to the mailbox.   
  • De La Salle archway and South entrance (Quad side) will be closed Wednesday, June 14th - scaffolding installation.
    • To access the Quadrangle, Thomas, Miguel, De la Salle Halls or Smith Auditorium please use the Miguel archway.  
Please observe directions on all signs and construction barriers.


Should you have any questions about the construction, please contact:

Gregory Cowart


(718) 862-7725


Andrew Ryan


(718) 862-7429

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