Construction Activity - Asbestos Abatement work

On Thursday, June 1, contractors began to remove asbestos containing caulk from select windows on Memorial and De La Salle Halls on the Quadrangle level. The following areas will be temporarily closed on Thursday, June 1 at 7am to Friday, June 2 re-opening at 12 noon.

  • The Pedestrian walkway in the front of Memorial Hall on the Quadrangle level
  • The doors from the 2nd floor level of Memorial Hall leading to Quadrangle
  • The De La Salle archway
  • The three doors that access De La Salle from the Quadrangle level

To access De La Salle Hall please use the entrance door located to the left of the De La Salle archway. It is located in the faculty parking area next to the mailbox. Once inside make a left walk to the end of the corridor then use the door at your right at the top of the stairs to enter the main public hallway.

Once in the Hallway please use the stairs located at either end, or the elevator at the far of the hallway to access your desired floor (excluding the second floor). Access to De La Salle Hall can also be achieved by using the entrance at Memorial Hall located around the corner from McNeil court adjacent to the Miguel Hall Archway. Once inside take the elevator to the fourth floor. On the fourth floor turn right, walk the end of the hallway to the exit stairs.  

Should you have any questions about the construction, please contact:

Gregory Cowart

(718) 862-7725


Andrew Ryan

(718) 862-7429

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