Join us at the 4th Annual Community Partner Summit, today from 5-7pm in the Kelly Commons, 5th Floor! This networking reception is intended to encourage dialogue between community partner organizations and faculty, to make connections and to build bridges between Manhattan College and the local community. Faculty, staff and administrators looking to foster partnerships with the local community are encouraged to attend. Attire is business casual.

The reception will consist of a 15-minute program, and then, in speed-networking fashion, faculty will circulate through the room and meet the partner organizations. If you've thought about doing a community-engaged learning (aka service-learning) class, or if you are looking for a volunteer project for a student club or honor soceity that you advise, or if you are looking to do a research project grounded in community needs, this may be your place to find a partner to work with. So please come and check it out!

Please RSVP at But even if you don't RSVP, come on by and say hello.
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