Call for LOVE Advisors 2018-2019

Are you interested in advising a LOVE service immersion experience for our undergraduate students this upcoming academic year? We will have a meeting on Wednesday, September 5th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Social Action Suite (Kelly 2.03) with anyone who is interested in advising along with some of our student leaders to further discuss the program and the experiences. From there we would open a dialogue with you and determine which experience would be the best fit for you and the students. If you are interested please send an email to
LOVE gives students the opportunity to engage deeply with issues of social justice, be immersed in local culture, build relationships, live simply and reflect on their spirituality. Learn more about the specific LOVE experiences here.
The LOVE Advisor role and responsibilities require advisors to be an active team member leading up to and during the LOVE experience; including:
Meeting with the LOVE leader(s) on a weekly basis (30 min/week).
Attending weekly team preparation meetings leading up to the trip (1 hour/week).
Participation in group reflections before, during, and after the trip.
A willingness to facilitate discussion on social justice issues.
Attending 2-3 Advisor meetings with CMSA Administrators leading up to the experience.
Managing logistics while on site, including group expenses and communicating with the partner organization(s) while on site.
Ensuring that all Manhattan College policies are followed on site.
It does not cost anything, but time, for administrators, staff and faculty to advise a LOVE trip, and it is a great opportunity for professional development, social justice education, and Lasallian formation.
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