MC Jasper Card ID Offers Added Features & Benefits

Hey students, did you know your Jasper Card - Dining Dollars account provides you with added features & benefits? Dining Dollars offers students a 20% savings & bonus when you deposit $100 or more and then pay with Dining Dollars at an ON Campus dining venue?

Paying with Dining Dollars saves you 10% each time you use your Dining Dollars to pay in any one of our on-campus dining locations, Plus deposits of $100 or more receive a 10% BONUS bringing your total benefit to 20%.

Dining Dollars expire at the end of May each academic year - so use them before you lose them.

Jasper Dollars are accepted everywhere Dining Dollars are accepted PLUS at the campus Bookstore and enrolled Off Campus Merchants.  Jasper Dollar deposits of $100 or more receive a 10% BONUS which you may use in our campus bookstore.

Faculty & Staff also may add and use Dining and Jasper Dollars and receive the same 10% BONUS benefits for each.

To learn more about the Jasper Card features & benefits and how you can add money to your Dining & Jasper Dollar account visit -

Deposit online from any computer or smart phone - family can add funds to your account too - see information at the site above

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