Addressing Racial Justice

Exploring the Intersections: Racial Justice, our Lasallian Heritage and the Catholic Tradition


A Lasallian Higher Education Colloquy

Wednesday, 30 January – Friday 1 February 2018

Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center, Marriottsville, MD 21104


Purpose of the Colloquy: Inspired by the Lasallian principle of together and by association, and cognizant of and grateful for our pluri-religious and interfaith realities, this Colloquy seeks to provide space for educators from the Lasallian Association of Colleges and Universities (LACU) to further explore the intersection of:

  • racial justice, diversity, inclusivity, critical race theory, and related concerns;
  • the wide Catholic intellectual and social teaching traditions;
  • and our shared Lasallian educational mission and heritage.


Building upon the work of the January 2017 and January 2018 Colloquies as documented in the AXIS publication “Exploring the Intersections: Racial Justice, our Lasallian Heritage, and the Catholic Tradition,” participants in this January 2019 Colloquy will further explore racial justice from an array of disciplinary perspectives, seeking to achieve new horizons in Lasallian thought and practice for ourselves and others – with a particular focus on our classrooms and the students entrusted to our care.  We are pleased to welcome 26 participants from six of the nine LACU institutions at this Colloquy.


  1. Salwa Ammar, Professor, Business Analytics, Manhattan College
  2. Jack Curran, Vice President, Mission, Manhattan College
  3. Sheetal Kale, Director, Equity, Diversity, and Title IX, Manhattan College
  4. Kerri Mulqueen, Assistant Professor and Clinical Practice Coordinator, Education, Manhattan College
  5. Evelyn Scaramella, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literature, Manhattan College
  6. Jolie Terrazas, Visiting Assistant Professor, Management and Marketing, Manhattan College
  7. David Witzling, Associate Professor, English, Manhattan College
  8. Danielle Young, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Manhattan College
  9. Mary McConner, Director, Multicultural Student Services, Christian Brothers University
  10. Maureen O'Brien, Associate Professor and Chair, Behavioral Sciences, Christian Brothers University
  11. Jeff Sable, Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Christian Brothers University
  12. Maryann Donohue Lynch, Associate Executive Director, Mission and Ministry, DENA
  13. Chip Gallagher, Professor and Chair, Sociology, La Salle University
  14. Luisa Marcela Ossa, Associate Professor and Chair, Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives, La Salle University
  15. Ernest Miller, Vice President, Mission, La Salle University
  16. Mey-Yen Moriuchi, Associate Professor, Art History, La Salle University
  17. Maureen O'Connell, Associate Professor and Chair, Religion and Theology, La Salle University
  18. Candace Robertson-James, Assistant Professor & Chair, Urban Public Health & Nutrition, La Salle University
  19. Jennifer Buntin, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Lewis University
  20. Kristi Kelly, Chief Officer, Diversity, Lewis University
  21. Jung Kim, Associate Professor Education, Lewis University
  22. Melanie Obispo-Young, Assistant Professor, Nursing, Lewis University
  23. Desirée Anderson, Director, Intercultural Center, Saint Mary's College of California
  24. Nick van Santen, Assistant Director, Mission and Ministry Center, Saint Mary's College of California
  25. Erin Mae Clark, Assistant Professor, English, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
  26. Alisa Macksey, Executive Director, First Generation Initiative / Diversity Officer, Winona Campus, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota


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