Activism Excursion: Film Screening and Community Conversation: Decade of Fire on March 9th!

Like many other neighborhoods that were decimated in the 1970s, the South Bronx before the fires was a haven; full of opportunity for new migrants and immigrants, economically viable, culturally vibrant, with some of the most diverse and integrated neighborhoods in the nation. The South Bronx were decimated by fires that destroyed entire communities and displaced half a million people.

Ten years in the making, the new documentary DECADE OF FIRE is dedicated to the unsung community heroes who stayed, fought and re-built their abandoned Bronx community from the rubble. The documentary uncovers the truth of why the Bronx was burning after years of racist housing policy and government neglect, and details the powerful true stories of resilience and resistance of those who dared to stay and fight against incredible odds.

Join us for a screening of the documentary followed by a COMMUNITY CONVERSATION on how this can inspire and support this next generation of tenants, community members and organizers as we continue to fight for housing rights, economic justice and more.

The group will leave the Social Action Suite together at 3:00pm, food is served at 4, and the program begins at 4:30. Students will return to campus before 8pm.

MetroCards will be provided!

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