340 Years ... Why???

  • Persistence ...
  • Multicultural Adaptive Innovation ...
  • Community and Association ... Indivisa Manent ...
  • A Vision Rooted in Reality and Determination ... Faith and Zeal ...


For you, what are some of the key foundational aspects of the distinctive educational movement in which we engage and bring to life at Manhattan College? 


A couple weeks ago, April 14-17, at the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educator’s Conference that was held in Melbourne, Australia, Lasallian scholar, Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, offered his reflections on what these key foundational aspects of the Lasallian educational project are ... key aspects that have enabled it to persist ... to be multiculturally relevant, adaptive, and vital for some 340 years.


Click here for a two page summary of Brother George's reflections.


Click here for Brother George's full thirteen page reflection that includes some suggested ways that the key foundational aspects that he highlights might be integrated with the teaching and learning projects of our present day circumstances. 



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