Tuesday, April 24 is our annual Mechanical Engineering Day from noon to 3:00 pm in the Kelly Commons, Room 5A & 5B. We are pleased to announce that this year’s event is sponsored by ASHRAE Bi-State.

A lunch and poster session, 12:00-12:50  

The event will begin at noon in the Kelly Commons. We'll start with lunch and the poster session. I would like to ask all of the faculty and the speakers to evaluate the posters (I'll bring the evaluation forms). We'll have one prize for each category (Senior Design, Club, and Undergrad and Grad Research) and one prize for the best poster design overall. 

Three guest speakers followed by Q&A, 12:50-2:00

James F. Dolan, P.E., CEM, CPMP, LEED AP- Principal of OLA Consulting Engineers

Patrick Cassidy - Chief Engineer of Boeing

Sean M. McCarthy – Associate at  Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper, and Scinto

After a brief introduction for each speaker, I’ll start the discussion panel. I have asked each speaker to give a brief introduction of their job and talk about engineering internships and the challenges in today's mechanical engineering environment. The intent of this portion of the event is to provide the students with information about what it is like to work in industry as a mechanical engineer, and could include information about internships and the significance that obtaining a PE or graduate degree has on career prospects. In addition, there will be information about mechanical engineers who want to become a professional in another field, such as law.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A session. 

Fun activities and competitions, 2:00-2:30

There will be three games where the students will be able to win prizes.  

Prizes, the wrapping up of the event, and a survey, 2:30-3:00 

This will involve the awarding of the prizes (Amazon Gift Cards), the wrapping up of the event, and a survey. 

Here’s looking forward to a fun and informative event!

See you all on the day, 


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