Success @ Manhattan (S@M)

The S@M program supports and guides students who may not meet the criteria for regular admission, but demonstrate a high-level of potential to perform academically as an undergraduate student with the right support. S@M is a conditional acceptance program in which the student must successfully pass the required summer program.

S@M is designed to offer students academic and personal support that will result in a successful first-year experience and beyond at Manhattan College. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside committed staff and peer academic coaches who will help them become academically and socially integrated into the diverse culture of the campus.

  • Services Provided

    S@M will engage students in valuable academic and personal enrichment programming and support them throughout their time at Manhattan College. The program design comprises five interrelated components: 

    • A mandatory pre-freshman summer program; created to help ease the transition to academic life at Manhattan College 
    • Academic success services that include Supplemental Instruction,  Peer Academic Coaches, and Literacy Workshops’. Dedicated tutorial services and winter break review sessions are available to assist in many first and second-year courses.
    • Proactive one-on-one advising with professional academic advisors. 
    • College and career readiness workshops during the academic year.
    • Assistance with seeking work/study or internship opportunities.
  • Advisement

    Advisement is an integral component, throughout each term of enrollment, for all S@M students.  Advisement is provided by the Opportunity Programs team with a holistic approach to student development. Areas that are addressed include:

    • Academic: Students are encouraged to brainstorm and discuss intended majors/minors, courses, and scheduling with their assigned OP advisor. Options regarding reduced course load, grade replacement opportunities, and other academic suggestions are utilized with an understanding of the student’s individual needs. 
    • Financial: Extensive and on-going support is provided to help students navigate the complexities of applying for all appropriate aid and scholarships, understanding billing, and completing required federal and state forms.
    • Personal: Understanding that each student adjusts to college life in varied ways, the advising relationship is vital in developing self-confidence, recognizing strengths, and shaping a positive attitude towards learning.
    • Career: OP advisors, in partnership with the Center for Career Development, will assist students with guidance during the job search or graduate school application process. 
  • Eligibility
    • Posses high school diploma or equivalency by June 30th of the year of summer program 
    • Students considered for S@M will be inadmissible through regular admissions, but possess the demonstrated motivation to succeed in their chosen degrees.
    • Students must commit to all components of the S@M program.