Institutional Review Board

  • Institutional Review Board

    What is the IRB?
    • Manhattan College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) considers projects proposed by faculty, students and administrators involving the use of humans or animals as participants in research. The IRB Committee must approve any proposal before the research can be conducted. Completed applications should be submitted well in advance of when you plan to begin data collection.


    The IRB Review Process
    • The IRB application will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure that the proposed research complies with Federal regulations. After an initial review, the Chair or individual members of the IRB can approve through expedited review or take the protocol to the monthly Board meeting to discuss the application with the other members of the Board. The Board members discuss and vote on approval of the protocol. An application can also be found exempt from review under certain specific conditions, but only the IRB can make this determination of exemption. If the Board does not approve the application, the applicant is informed of the revisions that are needed in order for the application to be approved.


    Application Documents


    Where to send IRB Applications