photographyOfficial College Photography

Manhattan College has several official photographers taking photos throughout the commencement events. 

Individual Student Photos

Each student will have their photo taken during the commencement ceremony as they cross the stage, and again once they come off the stage. Proofs of these photos and purchase options will be emailed to each student a few days following commencement. 

General Commencement Photos

College photographers will be taking photos throughout the day for both commencement events. These photos will be posted to a few days after the event. High resolution photos can be downloaded free of charge.

Guest Photography

Guests who will be taking photographs during commencement may not enter the aisles at any time during the academic procession. Also, no one is permitted to enter the student seating area for any reason. Please be mindful not to obstruct the view of other guests as you are taking photos. 

Guests can photograph any part of the procession outside the gym on Walsh Plaza or behind the seating area. Before or after the ceremony, you are welcome to take photos anywhere on campus that is publicly accessible. 

Senior Portraits

All graduating undergraduate students can take a senior portrait. The senior portrait photographer is on campus during the Graduation Fair. Additionally, there is usually one make-up day when the photographer is also available. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at